Risk of Rain – Review


Risk of Rain began as a semi-successful kickstarter project in May, 2013 by hopoo, and published by Chucklefish. Risk of Rain is a rouge-like platform shooter with Metroid, Castlevania, and Megaman influences.

Risk of Rain is, in short, beautiful. There is no other word for it. The game has a beautiful and unique aesthetic which plays the line between anime and 8-bit nostalgia. The gameplay feels like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich:  a layer of frustration in the vein of binding of isaac or Dark Souls, a layer of control simplicity in the vein of Super meatboy, a thick slice of satisfying shooting in the vein of Megaman (and somehow better), and a final slice of atmosphere which smacked of Alien.


The game makes you feel great by provided constant power-ups, and yet forces you to get creative since those power-ups (while satisfying) will never be enough to make this game E-Z-P-Z-LE-MON-SQUEE-ZEE. Bosses are hard and it feels so good to watch them explode (especially the last boss, but no spoilers). The game has a good sense of progression, since you’ll be constantly unlocking more upgrades to find and new characters to play. Each character feels unique and different, and really changes the playstyle you need to adopt, which freshens up the game.

I feel the need to say this: This game is hard. Like, really hard. Normal is hard, hard is stupid hard. BUT, when you do succeed, and when you finally beat the last boss, the feeling is amazing. This game doesn’t cater to the modern developer strategy that players should lose. Losing is part of your learning experience.

The game has four player co-op, including local co-op (which is a huge bonus in my eyes). This game deserves your attention and also your money.

Go buy it. Hell, buy a four pack


– Justin L. Koop


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